ATP Vision Recumbent Factory Tour (c. 1999) - JET BIKE
Source images and text for this page originally from Jim Gallant's HPV home page
The Seawheels bike building group took its (approximately) annual tour of the ATP Vision Recumbent factory in Lynwood (Seattle) WA. This was an unexpected source of entertainment. A Vision recumbent with a turpentine burning jet engine that develps 15 pounds of thrust capable of powering a rider to over 30 mph on level ground. It's loud, ear protection was provided before starting the engine. The turbine spins between 50 and 100 thousand RPM! Nick Hein, Renton WA, USA         Click images to enlarge...
Click thumbnails below to see small MPEG movies of the amazing JET POWERED Vision recumbent bicycle.
ATP Vision Recumbent Factory Tour (c. 1999)