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Advanced Transportation Products, aka Vision, Has Apparently Gone The Way of the DoDo Bird

While rumored to be out of business, an eagle-eyed Double Vision owner -- Roman Myszczak of the Chicago Area Tandem Society (CATS) -- found a link to an auction of what appear to be ATP's capital assets. The first indications that Greg Bower's Advanced Transportation Products (ATP) in Seattle, WA, had closed up shop were unanswered Emails, a dead Web site, and lots of discussions regarding their status on the recumbent forums.

The folks at Bicycle Retailer & Industry News are trying to put together a story on "what happened" but as of yet have not been able to contact any of ATP's principles. As I think back on this year I'm reminded that in August of 2002 another recumbent manufacturer -- Bike E -- unexpectedly closed up shop. While the feeling is that recumbent sales are still strong, one has to wonder what the future holds given the demise of these two, relatively recognizable brands.